Saturday, February 08, 2014


Thank you to the love I chased forever
the love 
that never fully returned me

Thank you to the boys I kept returning to 
when no one fully loved me 

Thank you to those who took only what they wanted
making more valuable 
everything that remain

Thank you to everyone who hollowed me out
broke my pneuma, bruised my casing 
You allowed me to grow back 
in finer fettle

Thank you to the men who noticed me
hating myself
just long enough for me to notice them

Thank you to the men who 
never noticed me

Thank you to those who pleaded for second and third chances
gently reminding me 
that to lose me is a tragedy
and I was losing myself
every second and third chance I dispensed

Thank you 

Thank you for losing me
Thank you for leaving me
Leaving me 
Just the way I am
So he could find me
Just the way I am 
So he could love me
Just the way he does 

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