Friday, February 24, 2012

I didn't invent the social media wheel. I just play with it, study it, and poke it with a stick.

I am taking a very fun course this semester at Georgia State University,
Film 4780—Social Media: Theories and Impact

It has impacted me in many ways, one of which is this new blog post.
I can't help but notice that facebook does not have a visible have come up with a few suggestions for them. Remember, I am studying social media so I believe these to be scholarly ideas and as a Prosumer—this is all for free. You're welcome facebook. 

Facebook: Because I’ve always insisted there be a permanent record of every stupid thing I have ever said.

Still so true

Facebook: We all think we are so interesting.

I love road trips!
Facebook: Because sometimes we can be a little too evasive to those stalking us and vice versa. 

Facebook: Because hanging out with your friends can be exhausting.

Friendship foreplay, just talking about hanging out is satisfaction enough?

Facebook: The next logical step after The Patriot Act.
Facebook: Because we all want to believe that term paper will write itself. 

Facebook: Who has time to read/watch the news?

...and I heard Jon Bon Jovi was dead too, no?
Facebook: A new way to avoid family members.

Facebook: Because we are all critics.

Facebook: So we can remember the things we can not remember.
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